Top 10 Body Acne Treatments: Over the Counter and Safe

Acne is truly the dermatologic problem that chooses no gender, age or race. It has affected everyone we know and will surely strike more people. The great thing is that you have hundreds of choices in terms of body acne treatments. Here are the cream (plus pills, tablets and ointments) of the crop when it comes to anti-acne medications.

Accutane (Isotretinoin) – This may as well be the best body acne treatment created. It can deal with the most pervasive kinds of dermatologic problems including cystic acne and Acne Conglobata. If your case is not as severe, try to use less potent medications first.

Benzoyl Peroxide – This is the most common medication used for acne. It opens up the pustules and let oxygen in the clogged pores, killing the anaerobic bacteria within. There are several proportions (dosages) available nowadays and you need to get the one you need.

Topical Antibiotics – Because the foremost cause of acne is bacterial growth, anti-bacterial medication is the best body acne treatment. If your condition is not so grave, topical creams and ointments will work just as well instead of oral pills or tablets.

Tetracycline and Other Oral Antibacterial Medicine – On the other hand, treating the problem from the inside out may be the best choice if your case is really severe. Unlike some topical medications, you will really need prescription for this body acne treatment.

Salicylic Acid – This exfoliates the skin well by loosening the tightly bonded skin tissues and letting the acid within the blocked pores. Do not be alarmed with the word ‘acid’ immediately. This will not burn your skin as long as you use it in the correct amounts.

Cetaphil – This is an anti-bacterial cleanser which you can use on your body or face as you would soaps or liquid wash. Besides its antibiotic property, Cetaphil is quite gentle on the skin. There are several other brands that you can choose from which may be more suitable to your skin type.

Sulfur-based Medications – Sulfur is a chemical agent which also acts as an exfoliant and anti-bacterial. Some products sold online has sulfur as their primary ingredient, but it will be best to use the unadulterated form instead.

Azelaic Acid – When Benzoyl Peroxide and topical antibiotics prove to be too weak against the proliferation of bacteria in the skin, Azelaic Acid is used as the second line of defense. Acne Rosacea, one of the most difficult types of acne, can be cured by this medication.

Steroids and Anti-inflammatory Medications – Choosing the best body acne treatment depends on the cause as well as the symptoms. To decrease the swelling as well as the pain, you might want to use this kind of medicine.

Acne Soaps and Facial Washes with Special ingredients – This is one of the ways to also get rid of acne. Read the back label for components such as Benzoyl Peroxide, Sulfur or other anti-bacterials. If you cannot make out the note or label, be suspicious of the product already.

Although these are pretty effortless to acquire, you should understand that using all of these has its own risks. It is very important that you get the accurate dosage to achieve its optimum effect. The only way that you can assure the effectiveness of body acne treatments is by getting a prescription from a duly licensed physician.
We have personal experience of several of these products and can report that we saw excellent results.

Now that you are armed with this information you will be able to make a better decision about the best products for you.