Isotretinoin & Retinoids: Why Choose a Natural Alternative

Today’s trends in the health industry are going towards the direction of natural products. Of course, there are always exceptions but it is widely known that they only prove rules. This is the right way to have the things done and this should be followed by other spheres of our life: for example, many people still love unnatural beauty in the models from glossy magazines. The one should seek natural options, because it is the only way for us to survive in this world of concrete and exhaust gases.

Maybe this introduction is too pathetic but nevertheless it is not fully correct when we fill our lives with synthetic everything. This is not only not fully correct but also can be even dangerous – and that is the case with some preparations that we are using from time to time.

Surely isotretinoin can illustrate this thought in the best way. Sometimes, after reading information about this drug, it seems so horrible that maybe it can be used for scaring small children. The matter is that isotretinoin is a very strong drug and has many severe side effects, among which there is even danger of disorders in development of a future child, if the preparation is taken during pregnancy.

Of course all this is true and isotretinoin is really a kind of preparation, which is used in extreme cases (such as advanced stages of acne disease) and has a number of dangerous side effects. Isotretinoin is, of course, not so safe in use (and in neither case it is) as other preparations, especially natural ones. But the medical practice has proved that everything is not so awful in true.

Of course the most negative feature of isotretinoin is its forbiddance during pregnancy. That is why it is very important for women to make a pregnancy test before taking isotretinoin and use contraception in the course of medication.

Retinoids are also known among the most widespread and widely used products for acne treatment. Unlike, say, benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, these are relatively recently developed preparations. Retinoids are synthetic analogues to retinol (vitamin A), that’s why it is not recommended to use them together with this vitamin (including also carotene, which turns into retinol in the human organism), for fear of having hypervitaminosis.

From this point we will start with negative sides of retinoids. Natural acne treatment, as it is widely known, is always much safer and retinoids are never associated with this kind of treatment, being, as it has been mentioned above, chemically synthesized products. Besides of all, retinoids also have some side effects and contraindications, considering which it is necessary to be cautious in using these preparations, especially so strong as, for example, isotretinoin. So what very side effects can be caused by retinoids?

Here it should be mentioned that retinoids are divided into two groups: retinoids for oral use and retinoids for use at skin (external use). So the most common side effect with those retinoids, which are taken orally, is dryness and irritation of skin, sometimes severe peeling and feeling of itching and heat. So sometimes moisturizing non-oily preparations should be used to maintain normal condition of skin when using retinoids. And if strong and persistent itching or peeling takes place, it is better to stop using retinoids. Also retinoids enhance sensitivity of skin for ultraviolet, so that no sunbathing is allowed when applying them.

More severe side effects are found with other retinoids which are taken orally. These may encompass even severe frustrations of nervous system, abnormalities in development of fetus if taken by pregnant women, defects of bones and junctions and so on. That’s why oral retinoids are not sold without prescription.

Acne Causes, Treatments and Natural Remedies

Acne can be an uncomfortable, persistent and distressing condition. Acne affects mainly teenagers, but can continue into adult years. There are medical treatments for severe cases of acne, and there are also effective home remedies and alternative anti acne products.

What Causes Acne
The most common form of acne is acne vulgaris, caused by overactive sebaceous glands combined with a bacterial infection on the surface of the skin. The sebaceous glands can be found inside the skin and their function is to produce sebum, an oily substance that protects the skin and lubricates it. In acne sufferers, these glands have become overactive and have started to produce too much sebum on the skin’s surface.

When dirt and dead skin cells start to stick to the sebum, bacteria begins to form. The pores of the skin then start to become blocked and blackheads emerge. When blackheads are infected, spots start to appear.

Common Acne Treatments
One of the most commonly used ingredients in all commercial anti-acne products is benzoyl peroxide. It is used to get rid of the bacteria that causes the infection, and to get rid of dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. It can be found in most cleansers, lotions, creams and other acne products that are sold over the counter, but prescription medicines for acne also often contain benzoyl peroxide.

Accutane, or the anti-acne pill, is often prescribed for severe acne. Accutane contains Isotretinoin, a type of a retinoid that resembles vitamin A. Isotretinoin is believed to make the sebaceous glands smaller and to reduce sebum production, and it can also help to kill the bacteria from the skin’s surface. The anti-acne pill is often prescribed to people who have tried other treatments that have not worked.

Natural Acne Treatments
Natural acne treatments and products have become increasingly popular. There are now several natural anti-acne skincare products on the market, and most are available from natural health stores or online. Most natural products contain the essential oils of Tea tree and/or Lavender. Both oils are effective in destroying the bacteria that cause acne, and Lavender is also used for its ability to heal the skin and reduce acne scars. Aloe Vera is another popular ingredient in natural acne products and is believed to help the skin to heal and to prevent scars.

Home Remedies for Acne
If you are suffering from acne, it is very important to keep your skin clean and to maintain good hygiene. Most acne sufferers want to touch the spots, but this can make the condition worse. The skin can also benefit from lots of sunlight and fresh air, whereas heavy makeup can make the acne worse.

Foods to Eat and to Avoid
A healthy, balanced and nutritious diet is an important part of any natural treatment program against acne. It is recommended that acne sufferers avoid eating processed food, junk foods and fatty and salty food, and include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables into the daily diet. Drinking enough water is also believed to be beneficial for all skin conditions.

Wonder Drug to Treat Your Skin Acne

Accutane or Isotretinoin is an external medicines originally made to treat cancer. Currently, it’s prescribed to persons with critical acne bacteria situations. It’s a by-product of Vitamin A or 13-cis-retinoic acid. The medication is taken for 15 to 20 week period or 3 for four months.

A person can’t easily buy Accutane at a drugstore. It needs to be recommended by a dermatologist since Accutane is reputed for leading to severe side effects that will become permanent. The most rampant side effects are chapped lips, itching, dry skin, eye irritation, slight nosebleeds, and dryness of the nose. Infrequent side effects one should look out for are rashes, temporary thinning of hair, joint or muscle pains, depression, impaired night vision, and headaches.

Accutane is also able to increase levels of blood fat. This makes it troubling and dangerous for patients with high cholesterol levels. Pregnant ladies are also discouraged from taking Accutane as the medicine can cause serious birth defects. Likewise, the liver might be affected by taking this medicine, which is why physicians usually need regular blood tests for an individual under Accutane therapy. These tests enable the doctor to observe and regulate the consumption of the drug. Side effects, however, are least likely to take place among individuals consuming minimal doses.

Despite its adverse effects, Accutane can reduce oil production by 35 to 58 %. Because oil quantities are greatly decreased, less acne bacteria forms on a person’s skin. The drug also decreases the rate of skin cell production, thus stopping the clogging of pores. The medicine’s anti-inflammatory functions stops acne from forming and becoming red.

Reports show that 95 percent of individuals using Accutane treatment had their acne somewhat or completely taken out. Some individuals had a twenty-five percent relapse rate after experiencing the medicine’s fruitful effects. Individuals with 100 to 120 mg or kg dosage achieved acne clearance and low relapse rates. Patients recommended with smaller amounts experienced reoccurring relapses. The regular daily amount depends on the patient’s weight. The average amount is around 0.5 mg to 2 mg.

So to avoid the side effects and enjoy the advantages of Accutane, always meet your doctor before buying cheap Accutane from the web. Doctors commonly advise less severe therapies before recommending Accutane. If the initial therapy doesn’t work, you might be told to consume Accutane.

Follow only the doses recommended by the doctor. Taking more than what’s advised will seriously compromise your health in the long run. Present your doctor with complete details about your skin condition and allergic reactions. Your body’s biochemical situations will be considered as contributions to concluding the amount that will be recommended for your acne condition.

Accutane cannot be purchased over-the-counter at a local drugstore. It is impractical and unwise to order Accutane illegally without an official prescription note. Once you receive a go sign from your dermatologist, you can scout the net for cheap Accutane costs. A number of online pharmacies charge generic Accutane at reduced prices. Be sure to double check the drug’s legitimacy before settling your order. You might end up getting a drug even more lethal than Accutane itself.

Minor to modest acne problems are best answered with less severe treatments. Accutane is usually the last resort for most dermatologists. Thus, it is still more crucial to apply secure and balanced medications.