Taking Isotretinoin for Acne?

Produced under the brand name Accutane, isotretinoin is a medication taken orally for 15-20 weeks. Accutane, or isotretinoin, is a Vitamin A derivative that is prescribed to people suffering from severe acne vulgaris, or nodular acne. Results of Accutane treatments have shown total clear-up of severe acne conditions and, in many cases, an extended remission period of the occurrence of acne.

Accutane works by reducing the amount of oil that the skin’s oil glands produce.

While Accutane achieves desired effects in many acne sufferers, it is a powerful drug and one that should be used with caution and consideration. Before deciding to take Accutane, talk with your dermatologist about the uses for this medicine, the precautions one should take while using it, and the health risks and side effects associated with it.

Accutane should be taken exactly as directed. If there is any part of the directions for taking Accutane that you do not understand, talk with your doctor about the questions you have.

You may not notice any improvement in the condition of your acne until you have been taking Accutane for 4-6 weeks. In fact, you acne may actually be aggravated during the first few weeks of Accutane treatment. Your acne should improve drastically, however, within 15-20 weeks of treatment.

There are many common side effects associated with Accutane. If you are experiencing these side effects for a prolonged period of time, tell your dermatologist. You should also talk with your dermatologist if you feel that the side effects are not easing up or if they are particularly severe.

The common side effects associated with Accutane include:

o cracked, red, sore lips

o dry, itchy, red, inflamed eyes

o dry and irritated mouth and nose

o dry and irritated skin

o thinning hair

o fatigue and low energy

There are other less common and more dangerous side effects associated with Accutane treatment. You should contact your doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms:

o pain in the bones or joints

o pain in the chest

o headache

o stomach pain

o stomachache

o vomiting

o dizziness

o problems with vision

o difficulty breathing

o difficulty swallowing

o difficulty hearing

o ringing in the ears

o difficulty walking

o bleeding from the rectum

o bruising

o red patches on the skin

o peeling skin

o infections in the skin

o severe diarrhea

o aching muscles

o feelings of depression

o suicidal thoughts

o dementia or hallucination

When taking Accutane, you should also exercise extreme caution when operating a vehicle, because the medication can affect night vision.
Do not donate blood while taking Accutane.

Women who are pregnant or who might become pregnant should not take Accutane. Accutane is associated with a high risk of deformity in infants developing during the pregnancy of women taking Accutane.

Because Accutane can cause severe sensitivity to sunlight, you should avoid direct sunlight while taking Accutane. If you must be in the sun, cover your skin with clothing and sunscreen. You should also protect your eyes with sunglasses.

Accutane also increases the amount of fats in your blood. While taking Accutane you should avoid eating fatty foods. You should also curb your alcohol consumption while undergoing Accutane treatment.

Effective Acne Treatment

Effective acne treatment are the three words most people think when the first sign of the ugly acne appears on their skin. Well, this is fairly true as the market is flooded with products and formulas claiming to be the most effective acne treatment. Sadly, most of them simply fail to deliver the goods they have shamelessly promoted on TV and magazines.

Finding the most effective acne treatment means you have to determine and understand first why, of all the hidden places in your anatomy, acne chooses to surface on your face. Contrary to the common belief, acne is a result of hormonal changes in the human body. The body secretes excessive amount of oil when hormonal changes is happening as triggered by puberty. The secreted oils then traps dirt and moisture which leads to the appearance of blackheads and the four word teen’s ultimate fear, ACNE.

Blocked pores can also trigger acne surfacing on the dermis, and this can be countered using only the most effective acne treatment. Acne medications are present in drugstores and online stores but to no quick fixes. These acne solutions range from oral contraceptive, antibiotics and medications such as Isotretinoin and Nicotinamide. With oral contraceptive, ladies who have hormonal imbalances can find a huge relief from the stress brought by acne (note that not many women may suffer from hormonal imbalance, so it’s best to take a visit to your doctor before taking any pills, especially for those expecting mommies).

In addition, antibiotics can be an effective acne treatment, but not advisable for long-acne medication as it may lead to different side-effects especially to the vital organs like the liver. For people with acne problem as big as the financial crisis, Isotretinoin and Nicotinamide are generally prescribed to quickly aid the patient for a more effective acne treatment. One should note that Isotretinoin can result several side effects (e.g. severe rash depression).

As alternative acne treatments, an array of homemade facial masks and washes are employed to counter acne’s depressing sight. Remedies includes washing the face with a solution made from garbanzo beans. Applied as a mask are formulas of made from ground almonds and goat milk). In addition, a healthy diet is also an effective acne treatment action, proving itself crucial to the control of acne breakouts. Particularly, a diet abundant in beta carotene (that means carrots, cantaloupe, etc.) will be an effective acne treatment remedy.

The one reason for the difference regarding the efficacy of these different treatments is the crucial fact that people have different types of skin. While people with dry skin can benefit with moisturizing on a consistent basis, people with oily skin may experience differently if they apply m moisturizer religiously. Dry skin means having a slow natural healing process, which result to acne outbreaks on a longer scale.

Isotretinoin – One Effective Way of Treating Acne Prone Skin

Many treatments available can be used to deal with acne. However, the kind of treatment that is to be used depends on the severity of the problem. For mild acne, mild soap cleanser and regular facial will do the trick. But for more serious acne problems, there is the Isotretinoin that can be made use of.

Isotretinoin (Accutane) is an oral drug that is given to people who have severe acne. This is usually prescribed to people who have tried using creams, pills and other treatments but found to be ineffective. The treatment works by decreasing the chances of the secretion of the sebum. Since increased secretion of sebum causes inflammation in the skin and later on brings about the formation of a scar, Isotretinoin works by decreasing this so that occurrence of acne will be narrowed.

Usually the treatment starts with having a long dose, which eventually increases after a few weeks. At the initial stage of the use of Isotretinoin it could be observed that the acne gets worse, this is a normal reaction.

It is important however, that the details of the treatment be strictly followed since there are side effects that one may suffer if not used accordingly. Among the side effect that is brought about by Accutane are birth defects. Women who believe that they are pregnant should refrain from using it. Apart from this, people who use Accutane may also suffer from severe headache, depression, psychosis and increase in suicide attempts.

Side effects that can be annoying from the use of Accutane are having dry skin as well as dry and cracked lips. Thinning hair can also be experienced and having itchy skin as well. There will also be muscle pain and muscle aches that will be felt.

There is nothing wrong with taking medication but it is very important to follow the instructions of the doctor accurately so that major side effects may be avoided.